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Spanish as a Second Language Program

Clase 2024


This program aims to provide students who are native English language speakers with the Spanish language skills necessary to communicate effectively and achieve a smooth integration to CSI.


Students will develop Spanish language skills, demonstrating proficiency in speaking, listening, writing, and reading. This program consists of a summer language immersion component during the month of June and an afterschool tutoring and language lab component throughout the school year. 


  • Colegio San Ignacio provides a dual language curriculum that develops students’ mastery in both English and Spanish language skills. 
  • Even though the primary language of instruction is Spanish, books and class materials for Science and Math courses are in English. 
  • CSI students who are native English language speakers have benefitted from individual support provided by their teachers and successfully met academic expectations. 
  • The Spanish curriculum in 7th and 8th grade is centered on developing language arts skills with a focus on vocabulary. The emphasis on oral and written communication equips students with the language skills to engage effectively in Spanish. 


  • Students have expressed that their immersion in our Spanish speaking school community, in addition to their teachers’ support, has helped them advance quickly in their acquisition of the language. 
  • One student affirmed that he had learned more Spanish the first year at CSI than in six years of Elementary School. 

Summer Program

(June 3-27, 90 minutes per day, Monday-Friday)
  • Diagnostic test to identify students’ specific needs.
  • Skills developed:
    • Vocabulary Acquisition
    • Grammar and Spelling
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Written and Oral Communication

During the academic year

  • Tutoring: afterschool reinforcement to develop language skills and competencies in small groups.
  • Language Labs: integration of digital platforms to enrich listening skills and vocabulary acquisition with personalized objectives.
Gretchen Philippi

Gretchen Philippi

Directora de Admisiones y Mercadeo